Effectively Manage Inside Sales

Inside sales teams require a unique infrastructure to operate at their full potential. In fact, poor technological infrastructure, ineffective lead nurturing, and human error can cost millions in lost sales revenue. VanillaSoft’s inside sales software offers a robust set of tools for sales teams to effectively manage the life of a lead:


Inside Sales Software



Inside Sales Software

Optimize with Queue-based Lead Management

One of the biggest expenses for inside sales teams is the cost of generating and supplying leads. The most important function of a sales team is to efficiently implement the process and strategy that management has put in place to successfully work and nurture valuable leads. At the heart of VanillaSoft’s inside sales software is a queue-based lead management platform that automates the priority, flow, and nurturing of sales leads. Management has the ability to define disposition values, call results, routing logic, and workflow priorities. The system automatically implements those across the entire sales floor.

VanillaSoft’s inside sales software can:

  • Increase the average calls per hour from 35-100%
  • Provide 3.5x more contact attempts per lead
  • Lower the lead decay rate by 30%
  • Accelerate speed to lead response 37x faster

To learn more about VanillaSoft’s queue-based inside sales software download our white paper.

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Salesforce Automation Simplifies the Sales Process

Managing a salesperson's time, enthusiasm, skill and technique is a time-consuming task on its own. VanillaSoft's sales automation simplifies the sales process. We give you the ability to:

  • leave pre-recorded voice mail messages
  • convey the correct message on a call
  • follow up consistently with pre-defined emails
  • manage data collection and notes
  • process on-the-fly credit cards with gateway integration

Simply put, VanillaSoft makes the sales process easy. It is a powerful solution with a robust set of sales and productivity tools for inside sales teams. Managers can streamline operations and keep their salespeople on task and working efficiently.

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Inside Sales Software




Inside Sales Software
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Email Campaign Software

Vanillasoft’s inside sales software has a powerful email tool that automates the follow-up and lead-nurturing process. Based on the result of a call, an email can automatically go out to support a sales call, educate a prospect, build brand awareness, and even periodically check with old prospects to see if their buying conditions have changed. It has never been easier to keep your brand in front of a prospect.

Sales Lead Tracking

Managers get a clear view of sales reps' productivity and performance, as well as how different lead campaigns are performing with VanillaSoft’s customizable dashboards. This clarity is crucial when making marketing and personnel decisions. The VanillaSoft system assures that leads and salespeople are operating according to management guidelines, and the dashboard gives a clear picture of how they are performing.


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