Lead Management Software


Organize Your Inside Sales Team

Increase your inside sales team's productivity by managing your leads with VanillaSoft's lead management software.

  • Track your leads from prospect to sale—never lose a lead
  • Automatically route and distribute leads based on your unique needs
  • Increase speed to lead
  • Capture data, qualifiers, demographics, and the entire history of the lead
  • Scale your success model as you grow

VanillaSoft's lead management software features lead scoring, email nurturing campaigns, logical branch scripting, call-activity dashboard, flexible data management, and more, helping your sales team make more sales calls and effectively manage your leads.




Profitable Queue-Based Lead Management

What drives a successful inside sales team is the process and method in which leads are managed. Proper lead management can make even a mediocre lead or marketing source very profitable. At the heart of VanillaSoft's lead management software is a queue-based platform that has completely revolutionized the way inside sales teams function. Queue-based lead management uses result codes, disposition values, and customizable routing logic that propels the process of presenting a salesperson with the next-best lead automatically, without having to hunt through a list to find it. VanillaSoft's lead management software will:

  • Increase the average calls per hour from 35-100%
  • Provide 3.5x more contact attempts per lead
  • Lower the lead decay rate by 30%
  • Accelerate speed to lead response 37x faster

To learn more about queue-based lead management software download our white paper.

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Lead Management Software



Lead Management Software


Spotlight Features


Lead Integration

Speed to lead is one of the single most important variables when working fresh web leads. VanillaSoft's lead management software allows for XML posting from forms on your website and most vendors. This feature with our queue-based lead management platform and auto dialing software can ensure every fresh lead is called within seconds of online submission.

Sales Lead Tracking

VanillaSoft's lead management software allows for multiple teams, each with their own custom workflow priorities, scripting, and email nurturing. This is perfect for segmenting different product or service verticals within an organization, or even A/B testing different workflow variables with different teams to refine your sales process.

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