A Sales CRM Designed to Accelerate Inside Sales Performance

Traditional CRM solutions fall short when it comes to propelling the efforts of inside sales teams and the “sales hunter” role. Traditional CRM solutions are essentially based on managing lists of customer data and updating them accordingly with pertinent information to document customer health. List-based tools have their place in tending to customer service and organic growth, but a sales-focused CRM should remove the administrative efforts and automate workflows to make your reps selling machines! When your focus is on generating new sales, you need a better set of tools in your arsenal:

  • Customizable workflow with queue-based lead routing
  • Auto dialing software and call recording
  • Email marketing and nurturing


Sales CRM Software



Sales CRM Software

Sales CRM Software with Queue-based Lead Routing

VanillaSoft’s queue-based lead management platform allows you to set up customizable workflows to manage and automate your team’s priorities. Your team stays focused on generating new sales instead of looking for the next person to call. Queue-based lead management means the next-best lead in your sales reps’ pipeline is automatically presented to them—all they have to do is start the sales call. Your sales team can focus on lead nurturing and building relationships to move them closer to the buying process. Check out the difference a queue-based sales CRM software can make:

  • 35-100% increase in the average calls per hour
  • 3.5x more contact attempts made per lead
  • 30% lower lead decay rate
  • 37x faster speed to lead response

To learn more about VanillaSoft’s queue-based sales CRM software download our white paper.

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Automate Best Practices for Consistent Results

You can’t clone your best sales rep but with the right sales CRM software, you can replicate best-practice processes to create consistency across the sales floor. With VanillaSoft sales CRM software, your team will be able to call more of the right contacts more quickly with features like lead distribution, custom routing filters, progressive and preview dialing and voice drop. Additionally, you know your reps are delivering the correct messaging on their call because our logical-branch scripting stays in front of them and makes responding to a prospect’s questions and objections easy.

With VanillaSoft’s queue-based sales CRM software, you have the ability to customize workflows and automate process leading to predictable ROI.

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Sales CRM Software



Sales CRM Software


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Email Marketing Software

VanillaSoft offers a set of robust email marketing features including email templates, mass emailing, and email drip campaigns that help you nurture leads between calls.

Sales Lead Tracking

VanillaSoft keeps your leads moving until they reach a final destination. Our queue-based solution with custom workflows and automation ensure that leads are not lost and are never ignored. You will know the status of every lead, who worked it, and when.

Our dynamic web reporting lets you build your own reports for comprehensive analysis.  Group, sort and filter contacts utilizing a multitude of fields. There has never been an easier system that is so complete.


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