Get More Out of Your Telefundraising Campaigns

Telefundraising is one of the best ways that fundraising professionals can have a direct, two-way conversation with current and potential donors. VanillaSoft’s logical branch scripting and quality assurance tools let you easily train paid callers and volunteers to handle fundraising calls. Additionally, VanillaSoft allows you to create workflows using constituent affinity factors to prioritize the next-best contact in the calling queue. You will spend less time managing processes and more time connecting with the right prospects and donors.

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Telefundraising Software



Telefundraising Software

Streamline Data Collection and Credit Card Processing

Constituent data is the most valuable asset of telefundraising or nonprofit organizations. Keeping that information accurate and up to date is paramount. VanillaSoft’s telefundraising software uses customized data prompts that ensure vital information is collected before the caller may move to the call. Next use our Merchant Services Gateway integration to collect and process credit cards on-the-fly.  VanillaSoft passes the transaction through to your gateway securely.  VanillaSoft simplifies the process of collecting data for pledge and payment information, and updates donor information for future campaigns.

After the phonathon you will have the freshest data to mine for determining larger gift prospects through relational links to other constituents and companies. Easy data collection can also be personal information such as talents and interests, birthdays, etc., for custom solicitations and volunteer opportunities.

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Accelerate Call Center Productivity with VanillaSoft

Sometimes telefundraising software can feel like a barrier rather than a facilitator, because callers have to deal with multiple screens or must break their rhythm to filter and find the next-best contact. That’s not the case with VanillaSoft. Create smarter calls and consistent messaging for your paid callers and volunteers, leading to repeatable, predictable results. With VanillaSoft’s queue-based lead management, customizable workflows and logical branch scripting, your fundraising volunteers can have authentic, engaging conversations with prospects and donors.

In addition to making callers' jobs easier, VanillaSoft provides you with tools for monitoring call quality, measuring campaign results in real time, and creating email marketing and email drip campaigns that keep you in touch with your constituents all year long — not just during fundraising seasons. This helps you increase gifts and donations. VanillaSoft centralizes your data and allows you to engage all year with your prospects and donors. This is your least expensive strategy for increasing net fundraising gains.

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Telefundraising Software



Telefundraising Software


Spotlight Features


Auto Dialing Software

Simply put, time is money. Whether you are working with volunteers or paid employees, the more time your team wastes sifting through leads and manually dialing numbers, the less money you raise. VanillaSoft's telefundraising software can automatically dial the next-best contact in the queue as the contact's information, personalized scripting, and giving history is being presented on the screen, without a second to waste. Take your profits to a higher level with VanillaSoft.

Call Center Scripting Scripting

Whether you are using new volunteers or paid callers, everyone stays on point with VanillaSoft's call center scripting software. Personal variables may be inserted such as last gift, last campaign, payment type, etc. Telefundraising personnel will follow a logical branch script that is visible on the caller's main screen and can even be updated on the fly.


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