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Increase the Productivity of Your Telemarketing Campaigns

Looking to maximize productivity without increased call center head count? VanillaSoft is the most powerful outbound calling platform on the market. At the heart of this telemarketing software is a queue-based lead management platform that automatically presents telemarketing reps with the next-best lead to call, as defined by management rules. This platform combined with features like auto dialing, call scripting, and best-in-class appointment setting software, creates efficiency and continuity across the entire telemarketing floor. Powerful management controls allow you to manage the process and keep tabs on progress with features like call monitoring, call recording, and query-based reporting.



Revolutionize Lead Management with Queue-based Solutions

Queue-based lead management is a revolutionary approach to telemarketing software solutions that uses a series of administrator-defined rules to prioritize and automate the flow of leads to telemarketing agents. Instead of the time-consuming process of sifting through a list of prospects, queue-based lead management presents the next-best call automatically. This naturally creates a more efficient workflow, reduces human error, and maximizes management’s control over all key areas of production. With queue-based lead management, organizations can experience the following benefits:

  • Increase the average calls per hour from 35-100%
  • Provide 3.5x more contact attempts per lead
  • Lower the lead decay rate by 30%
  • Accelerate speed to lead response 37x faster

To learn more about VanillaSoft’s queue-based lead management download our white paper.

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Telemarketing Software



Telemarketing Software

Telemarketing Automation Made Easy

VanillaSoft makes it easy to run a first-class telemarketing operation. All of VanillaSoft’s advanced features, like progressive and preview dialing, Voice Drop, call scripting, automated lead management and routing are only powerful if they can be effortlessly implemented and managed. That’s why VanillaSoft spent the time to develop the most user-friendly platform for managers to customize according to their needs. In addition, the end-user interface is so simple it only takes 15 minutes to train employees! Get up and running with the most powerful telemarketing software on the market in only hours, not days or weeks. Now that's an offer your business can't refuse!

Increase your telemarketing productivity and efficiency with VanillaSoft's award-winning telemarketing software. Start your free trial today!

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Auto Dialing Software

VanillaSoft's auto dialing software offers progressive dialing which is the most efficient non-intrusive dialing method available today. When your agent has completed a call and selects a result code, a new contact is automatically presented and the phone number is simultaneously dialed. No delay! No downtime!

Appointment Setting Software

Easily schedule appointments with our state-of-the-art appointment setting software. Telemarketing agents have the ability to set appointments for themselves, team members or external agents, manage multiple calendars, set automatic notifications, and block time to avoid overbooking. VanillaSoft’s appointment setting software simply makes collaborative scheduling more efficient.


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Telemarketing Software