The New VanillaSoft

It’s here! Introducing The New VanillaSoft. This is a completely new, modern interface that’s available for all VanillaSoft Pro accounts. We have taken the tabs in the current interface to the next level by creating customizable panels, giving you the flexibility to ensure users have all the needed information and productivity tools readily available to make more sales!


What's New

CTI Screen Pops

Automatically identify the incoming caller and prepare to take the call. VanillaSoft searches the database for the caller ID number. If a contact match is found, a screen pop will appear to indicate that the caller has been identified, letting the agent access it immediately.

  • Access an incoming caller’s contact record to view data, with just one click
  • Add new contacts to the database for the next time if they are not already present, with the detected name and phone number automatically inserted into the new contact
  • Increase caller satisfaction by not having the caller recite repetitive identification details, saving costs and 15-20 seconds for each call

This feature requires VanillaSoft VoIP.

Merchant Services Gateway Integration

Never leave the screen when prospects are ready to buy. Conveniently process credit card payments directly through a panel on your VanillaSoft interface using your own payment gateway, helping you close more sales, faster.

  • Offers quick payment options and security
  • Instantly see a record of the transaction on your contact screen
  • Supports several major payment gateways, with more to be added

Custom Contact Page Layout

VanillaSoft’s all new panel-building technology enables you to build and design your own contact page the way you want it. Add your custom fields, scripts, comments, and our new Web Link Integration pages to optimize space and your organization's unique workflow.

Web Link Integration

Web Link Integration allows you to integrate and access relevant websites without leaving the VanillaSoft contact screen.

  • Access the contact’s website directly on your VanillaSoft screen
  • Create a tab leading to a fixed Web address, for example, a company sign-up form
  • Associate different Web pages to values in a drop-down menu, allowing you to change the Web page depending on the contact information
  • Preconfigured Web links include VanillaSoft's VoIP HUD for one-click call transfer and contact address mapping

Admin Favorites Menu

Admins can now save the pages they frequent the most in the Favorites menu for quicker and easier access. This will create a Favorites drop-down menu for instant access to your most-used pages.


What's Enhanced

One-Click Resulting

Work through leads even faster. Instead of clicking through multiple buttons for your most common result codes, accomplish the same thing with one-click, increasing speed to the next lead and sales productivity. Place up to 20 codes on the main contact screen for quick resulting.

Quick Search Box

VanillaSoft’s Quick Search Box allows you to search multiple fields from the main contact screen to find the correct contact, just like on your Google browser. We have even added a Contact Preview Panel to review the contact before selecting.

  • Search by name, address, phone, etc. at the same time within your project instead of searching by a specific field
  • One-click selection is available after confirming the contact on the Contact Preview Panel

Voice Drop

VanillaSoft now supports up to nine prerecorded messages for voice drop. You can create the perfect message for any call result. This feature requires VanillaSoft VoIP.

Resize Contact Page Panels

Now your salespeople can drag each panel to the size of their choice. They can configure their screen to see more of what they need and less of what they don't. Each panel is completely sizeable according to their personal preference.

Appointment Calendar Preview

Easily view available appointment slots right on the call screen. Now you don’t have to leave the screen to find the best time to schedule an appointment for an agent.

Enhanced Email History and Document View

Preview sent emails and attached documents directly from the caller screen with one click using the new panel layout.

Data Collection Prompt Enhancements

Save time by entering and viewing all configured data fields at the same time as entering your result code. Data collection prompts now appear even when information is present in the fields, allowing salespeople to make changes if required.