New Features and Enhancements

We have been working hard to improve VanillaSoft in 2014 and will again be releasing a number of updates and enhancements over the weekend. We want to make sure that you know about all of the new capabilities available to you:

Custom Dashboards and New Look

Not only have we given our old dashboard a new look, we have added the ability for you to build the dashboard of your dreams! You can configure and save multiple dashboard views.

  • Build Custom Formula Columns
  • Specify Field Columns and Names
  • Specify Projects to be Included

Watch the Feature Focus video to see how you can easily set up your own custom dashboard!

User Login Time Calculations

We have added user login time totals as an option in the new custom dashboards. Simply add this new field choice to your custom dashboard and track how long a user was logged into their VanillaSoft account for any date range. You can also view their login/logout times, as well as IP addresses. 

Lead Status Email Bounce Notification

Do you use lead status change notifications as a vital part of your business process? A new Notification Bounces page allows administrators to see if lead status notifications to a specific email address have bounced. When an email address appears on that page, lead status notifications will no longer go out to that address. It is possible to unblock that address by clicking the red X in the unblock column, although it is important to remember that if there is an underlying delivery issue the address may simply get blocked again.

Note that administrators can enter email addresses to send a notification whenever an email address is added to the bounce list. The Notification Bounces page works across projects and is therefore available under the Dashboard menu.

Emailing Enhancements

  • Contact variables can be used in the subject line of email templates
  • Email MIME headers may now be added to email templates
  • Improved traceability of email threads to determine where an unsent email was blocked
  • New service to improve email delivery by increasing the number of retries upon error. In the case of prolonged server issues, VanillaSoft may now go through the back end and resend unsent emails

New Contact Modified Date

VanillaSoft captures the last date when any data in a contact's main VanillaSoft fields was modified. Easily run queries to bring out all contacts modified during a campaign. Perfect for phonathons and fundraising campaigns that are updating donor information. Please note that this does not apply to custom fields.

Appointment Notifications

Do you set different types of appointments as part of your sales process? You can now choose to send different emails based on the specific result code used when setting an appointment. Send one email for phone appointments and another for house visits, or choose not to send a notification for certain types of appointments. The choice is now yours.

Other Enhancements:

  • Full wireless rules can be turned on for DNC users
  • VanillaSoft supports outgoing Web leads with Silverpop
  • Email csv files as attachments to import them into your project after setting up a saved mapping
  • Apply state-based quotas to salespeople or teams
  • Reports can include the recording link for a call history item