De-dupe on Import

You now have the ability to remove duplicate contacts upon import! This new Import Method has been added in addition to our current simple Add Contacts Import and Add Contacts/Update Contacts. You will now see an Import Method pull down on the Import Contacts page. When you want to de-dupe on import simply choose the Import Method of Add Contacts/Skip Duplicates. This method will ask you to specify which field in your file to compare to the contacts already in VanillaSoft; for example phone number or email address. VanillaSoft will NOT import any contacts with matching information in that field. If more than one contact in your import file has the same information in that field then only the first contact will be imported. This is perfect for simple de-duping to ensure that there are not multiple identical contacts in your project.

Live Hot Transfers

New with VanillaSoft VoIP Service and company HUD! You now have the ability for a User to transfer a call with a Hot Lead to a Salesperson, make an introduction and then leave the call. If you would like to add VanillaSoft VoIP services to your account please contact sales.

Other Information Custom Fields

  • Want to create a new field with the same formatting as one that already exists. We have added a "Copy" icon underneath the "Delete" icon on your menu of existing Other Information Fields.  Using this icon will create a new field with the same format and list of menu items of the existing field.
  • For those long menus of Other Info Menu Items, we have added a "Sort Items" button at the bottom of the menu list for fast alphabetical sorting.

Saved Routing Filters

Many of our clients use Routing Filters to give themselves and their Users more precise control over routing queues. With this release an Admin can now create and save global routing filters to apply to any User or Teams using a drop-down. Users who have routing filter access on the caller side can select saved Admin filters or can create and save their own. Routing Filters are now more powerful than ever.

Pause your Scheduled Appointments and Call Backs

Do you ever want to put your Scheduled Calls on-hold while you focus on calling your new leads first? Now you can give your Users permission to pause the routing of scheduled call backs and appointments for 15 minutes by clicking on a button on the MyCalendar page. To enable this feature an Admin must first go to the Project->Custom Fields-> Caller Home Page.

Require More Secure New User Passwords

Under My Account an Account Admin is now able to check a box that will ensure that the username and password are not the same after a new user logs in the first time. When turned on, the new user will be directed to a Change Password screen where they will be required to update their password to one that is different from their username, increasing password security.

Other Enhancements:

  • With our new SalesForce integration enhancement, synching with Contacts is supported along with Leads.
  • Contact Management-Sort the order of your fields by dragging and dropping the fields while on the Query Builder page.
  • Do you need a Caller CRM or Limited CRM user to supervise your team? You may now add permissions for the Management Dashboard and Audio Review to specific Users. Simply go to their Edit User page to add these features.
  • Do you use the Result Action of Retry in [x] time?  You may now have those Result Codes "Skip" weekends.  Add this enhancement at the bottom of the Result Codes page.
  • VanillaSoft has partnered with DynECT for email services. We now monitor traffic using SPAM detection and Email Best Practices to increase your email delivery.
  • An Admin can now give Caller-side access to Routing Filters to all users within a project using a check box. This way when new users are added they will automatically have access to Routing Filters within that project.