"We are calling five times as many contacts as we were before VanillaSoft. Since appointment setting is all about the number, volume is important. The appointment setters love the software and its ease of use."

Chad M. Moore, Xonicwave CEO and Founder


  • Web-based – No Software to Install
  • Concentrate on the Next Best Lead to Call
  • Real Time Telemarketing Activity Dashboard
  • Pay-per-user Flexible Plans


  • Auto-dialing – From 35 to 100% more calls!
  • One Click Pre-Recorded Voice Drop
  • Quick & Easy Cloud-based Software Set Up
  • Train New Callers in 15 Minutes!


  • Intelligent Call Recording
  • Heads Up, Branch Call Scripting
  • Automated Email Templates and Drip
  • Telemarketing Made Easy

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