Customer Relationship Management and Sales Engagement systems are good at making sales teams’ lives easier, especially when they are used in conjunction. One area they both lack in, however, is enforcing your lead prioritization framework all the way down to the individual reps.

That’s where VanillaSoft comes in. It combines unique queue-based routing technology with Intellective Routing (IR). IR helps ensure that the best leads take the highest priority, and the right leads go to the right salesperson. All at the right time.

IR automates your sales process:

  • It uses your key indicators to dynamically serve up prospects based on the lead that is most likely to close.
  • Leads become part of a queue that is continuously redefined over ten times a minute based on the latest information.
  • High priority leads are immediately distributed to the right salesperson, ensuring that they are not lost or forgotten.
  • Priorities can be stacked so that high-value groups of leads are exhausted before moving on.

Geolocation Routing

IR uses geolocation data to precisely target contacts based on their address. This feature is very valuable for appointment setters, inside sales teams booking for field reps, and field reps booking appointments for themselves.

Users can define geographic areas in which they indicate start and end points for VanillaSoft to route leads in order. This allows agents to set appointments in a logical manner throughout the day. They can also divide their contact list among salespeople based on location.

Combine Intellective Routing and Geolocation Routing

VanillaSoft combines intellective filters with geolocation routing to provide lead prioritization with geographic area targeting, giving the best of both worlds. This allows users to view leads by priority on a map and better understand their lead distribution.

Intellective Routing offers unique advantages to Sales teams…

IR does a lot, yet it is simple and intuitive. Other systems allow you to score leads easily but do not necessarily automate and enforce the follow-up. Why rank leads if they are not going to get contacted based on priority?

Here are just a few examples of how using IR can improve your sales process . . .

  • Route leads to the correct sales representative based on territory and ownership.
  • Prioritize leads based on the source and the number of contact attempts.
  • Sort leads by most valuable sources based on the number of follow-up attempts.
  • Route leads based on territory with a heat map showing a detailed overview of lead distribution.
  • Give priority to contacts based on company revenue size and/or number of employees
  • Prioritize leads based on job title.

Learn more about VanillaSoft’s Intellective Routing feature.