VanillaSoft’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gives you more than just an enterprise-class phone system. It’s a fully integrated platform.

VanillaSoft VoIP’s category-leading feature set includes:

  • Multi-platform compatibility, including Windows and Mac.
  • Its own softphone, allowing use of a headset with a built-in microphone – or you can use existing desk phones.
  • Unlimited calls to the US and Canada, with no additional usage fees.
  • Unique direct phone numbers for each user, or an organization can use extensions.
  • Call mute, place on hold, conference or group calls, recording, call waiting, speaker mode or headset mode.
  • Transfer calls to another number with options: Call First, Hot Transfer, Transfer Now.
  • Track call history, record voicemail, check voicemail, vacation notification, check messages remotely, etc.

Here’s what you get with VanillaSoft VoIP

Call Recording – Automated and Intelligent

Automated Call Recording means your team can easily assess calls for training, quality assurance, legal purposes, or basic informational use and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Administrators can choose whether all calls or some calls are recorded.
  • If you want to record some calls, VanillaSoft will automatically record, but only save them based on admin-determined result codes.
    • For example, you may not want to record a result of LEFT MESSAGE or NO CONTACT. However, you may want to record DO NOT CALL (negative experience) or SOLD (positive experience).
  • Look up recordings by contact, result code/disposition, date, representatives, and more.

SMS texting

Your prospects are getting tons of calls every day. Sometimes, getting them to answer can be tough. Using SMS text can dramatically increase response rates and give you an edge over your competition.

  • Communicate with prospects via text messages directly within VanillaSoft.
  • Receive notifications of incoming texts, even if you’re engaged with a different contact at the time.
  • Create text templates and reminders based on custom criteria.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Supervisors and agents can see a real-time display of who is on a call and who is available, offering visibility into the team’s productivity, and allowing supervisors to better allocate their resources.

The HUD can be embedded directly in VanillaSoft, providing a single user interface for your callers and avoiding the traditional alt-tabbing distraction, or shown independently as a web page.

  • Call any team member or transfer a call (whether a blind, supervised, voicemail, or external transfer).
  • Assign and view team members by group, such as sales, accounting, etc.
  • Supervisors can monitor their team’s calls, allowing them to analyze agent performance for training purposes, guide agents during live calls, or even completely take over calls. There are three ways to do this:
    • Monitor session – join a call as a silent observer.
      • Supervisors can automatically be called when selected team member makes a call or can manually join a call at any time.
    • Whisper session — join a call with only the agent being able to hear.
    • Barge session — join a call and immediately be a part of the conversation.

Smart Caller ID (Local Presence)

Prospects are much more likely to answer a call if they see it’s coming from a local number. Using Smart Caller ID can help get more leads live on the phone.

  • Choose the state or area code you want to appear to be calling from, giving you a local presence.
  • Smart Caller ID numbers are real numbers! If the customer returns the call, they will reach you!

Voicemail Message Drop (Voice Drop)

Does your team leave a lot of voicemails? Why waste time having them listen through automated answers, or, worse, leaving a message each time they call. Voicemail Message Drop helps save time, and avoid recording the same messages many times over.

  • Each agent can pre-record up to 9 different voice messages for different types of prospects.
  • Agents can drop voicemails as soon as they’re connected to voicemail, no need to listen through the automated answer, allowing them to quickly move onto the next prospect.

Inbound Calls – Who’s Calling?

29% of sales representatives spend an hour or more a day on data entry. So when a prospect calls in, quit forcing your reps to waste valuable time finding the right contact record. Inbound Calls automatically handles this for your team.

  • When a call is received, VanillaSoft automatically looks up the phone number and caller ID, matching it to an existing contact record.
    • If there is more than one contact, the agent is prompted to select the correct contact.
    • If there is no record, the agent can create a new one.

Intelligent Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Queues

Intelligent Automatic Call Distribution Queues save your team time and improve response times by ensuring that inbound calls from prospects go to the right member of your team.

  • Configure an automatic call distribution queue that answers incoming calls and intelligently routes them to the most appropriate agent, team, or campaign.

Get VanillaSoft VoIP

VanillaSoft VoIP gives you the power to improve individual team members’ performance, remove time-consuming, repetitive tasks, engage more prospects, and close more deals. Regardless of your team’s particular pain points, we’ve got you covered with a reliable, scalable solution that helps deliver amazing results. It’s time to take things to the next level, inquire to learn about how you can start using VanillaSoft VoIP today!