5 Tips For Crafting Emails and Phone Calls That Lead to More Demos and Appointments

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Why aren’t prospects busting your door down to book a demo after you’ve emailed or cold-called them? It could be because you talk to them like they’re all the same.

If you want to set more appointments and book more demos, you’ll need to be creative and quick on your feet — plus, you’ll have to personalize your outreach every time. That’s the key. 

You shouldn’t even think about contacting a prospect if you haven’t done these three things:

  • Check out their social media to learn about their interests.
  • Research them on their company website. 
  • Google them to find additional intel. 

All you’re trying to do is build a bridge between you and them. Whether you want to book a demo with your prospect through email or over the phone, here are some effective tips for both outreach styles. You can’t say that we don’t have your back!

Switch it up: Email appointment setting tips to book more demos 

With any sales strategy, you’ll go further and have more impact when you’ve defined your target audience, especially with cold email outreach

Once you know your ideal customer, use these email appointment setting tips to sell them the most value in a small window. 

1. Grab their attention and (briefly) explain your solution

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To grab your prospect’s attention from the get-go, personalize your email with details that show you know who they are and what they need — that means you need to get rid of this same snooze fest of a greeting: In these uncertain times…

Your prospect receives dozens of custom email templates where the only thing a sales rep changes is the recipient’s name. So stand out from the mountain of spam by getting right to their main concern and explain how you alleviate them. 

How can your product help them get more sleep at night? 

2. Add a clear call-to-action

Before you close out your message, be very clear about the next step your prospect should take to set up a call or an appointment. 

Is there a Calendly link they should schedule an appointment through? Will you call in a few days or a week? Should they check out your website to learn more about your products? 

Be clear and provide the information they need to move forward with you via your preferred CTA — a confusing process will cause a lost sale. 

Crush the classic — book demos + appointments on the phone 

Don’t forget about the phone! It’s not wise to eliminate cold calling from your sales strategy.

Here are three ways to book more demos and appointments for your business via a phone call. 

3. Turn a cold call into a warm one

The prospects on the end of your cold calls will probably be on the defensive side — if they pick up, that is. 

You’re a stranger, and worst of all, you want to sell them something. Maybe not right then and there, but they know your end game. But your goal is to make your prospect curious. So start by disarming their defensiveness so you can capture their attention.

To warm up your cold call, you want to introduce yourself as soon as you get them on the phone. You’re trying to reduce the mystery right away and help your prospect let their guard down; however, one of the best ways to show them who you are before you call is to engage with them on social media.

Follow your prospect on LinkedIn or their preferred platform beforehand and check out their profile. Ideally, they’ll check out yours, too, but this gives you a chance to gather additional discovery. 

What content do they engage with? What articles do they react to or comment on? Use these tells as entry points to relate to and compel your prospect. Then, it’ll be easier to go in for the kill (a.k.a. asking to book a demo).

4. Know your numbers

What are strategies without insights? 

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If you can’t see the success rate of the approaches you use to book demos, you won’t know how many calls it takes to land an appointment, therefore how long it takes to turn a profit. (That’s where appointment setting software comes in handy — ahem, shameless plug.)

It might take you some time to learn which phrases and customized scripts lead to the most client conversions. But don’t be discouraged, even if that length of time is months or years. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

The key is to model your analytic process after the agile method. It’s mostly used in project management for software development, but it works like gangbusters to track insights into your sales strategy. As you book demos and appointments, you should:

  • Measure conversion rates and the performance of your calls and campaigns to test the effectiveness.
  • Regularly (and frequently) test new sales techniques to keep your strategy fresh.
  • Always evolve your strategy to find what works best. 

Your sales strategy to set more appointments is all about continuous improvement. If you find something that works, great. But the second you get complacent, so will your bottom line. 

5. Take it slow + offer value with five simple words

Just like you won’t win over your date by trying to rush dinner to get to dessert, you won’t disarm your prospect by rushing the call to book a demo — the only thing you’ll rush is a rejection… in both scenarios.

Fight the urge to come on too strong because it’s unlikely you’ll close a deal as soon as you meet your prospect. Instead, use your first few calls to focus the conversation on adding value.

To book more demos, don’t be a pushy sales rep, provide compelling and relevant information, and listen to your prospect’s needs. The conversation you strike up should enlighten and make them feel comfortable; enough so they forget it’s a sales call. 

Then, ask the five-word question they won’t be able to resist: “Can I make a recommendation?” 

By this point, you’ll have asked questions that give you insight into their needs and the kind of solution they want to hear more about — if the questions are right, you’ll know exactly what to recommend to your prospect to keep them intrigued. 

Naturally, your prospect will want your recommendation (which also elevates your expert status in their eyes by the way). Besides being an effective tool to show your prospect you have their best interest in mind, this question is also a great segue to ask for an appointment. 

Try something like this: After the recommendation, say, “I’d love to dive deeper into this with you and show you some more data. Why don’t we schedule a 45-minute appointment to further solve your challenges?”

What to do after the demo (Hint: it’s an age-old rule)

Here it is in black and white: The longer you wait to follow up with your prospect after an appointment or a touchpoint, the more time you give them to lose interest in your solutions. 

(And that would defeat the purpose of all your hard work, so ya know, just reach out already!)

When you’re done with our Ultimate Prospecting Guide, be sure to learn how to stop writing shitty emails for a double-whammy lesson in adding value. 

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