How to Succeed as a B2B Inside Sales Rep

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5 Persuasive Skills All B2B Sales Reps Must Have

B2B sales reps must know how to sell. To do it, they have the right sales skills. If they lack these skills, they’ll find it hard to sell your products or services, and your company will lose ground to the competition.

Convincing the customer that your brand is the right buy for them is not always easy. B2B sales representatives must master the art of persuasion to sell. A recent article from LeadCrunch lists the top five persuasive skills of successful B2B inside sales reps. Let’s take a closer look at each.

  1. Give to get.

As many say, “give to get.” Being helpful shows a human aspect of your business and is key to growing attention for your brand.

Your customers are looking to address a problem. Create a piece of content that addresses their issues and provide it to your sales representatives to give away.

Three ideas to kick start brainstorming for your next piece of free content:

  • A short eBook addressing a problem your target audience regularly faces.
  • A checklist related to something your product or service is a solution.
  • A list of five tips relevant to your industry.
  1. Understand the needs of your target audience.

If you don’t already know your B2B customers’ needs – ask them! Not only will this gain leverage for you and your brand, but you’ll learn the recurring problems in your industry.

  1. Know where your product stands against your competitors.

You need to know your products inside and out, but don’t forget about your competitors. Your customers will likely be making a comparison, and you should have a good understanding of where you stand in the market.

  1. Make your B2B leads feel like they’re special.

Personalizing interactions in the modern age is easy. Typing a person’s name in a search engine can reveal massive amounts of information about them. Consider bringing up a charity event they were a part of or a sports team that they follow. Take the time to find something about them that can continue the conversation outside of the sale.

  1. Stay focused on a B2B goal.

Each interaction you have with your B2B customers should revolve around an objective. That objective can be anything from a meeting to a demonstration or even a response to an offer. Constantly keep moving towards your end goal.

In addition to these five skills, you’ll need an lead management system with sales automation to ensure your leads are worked at peak efficiency. VanillaSoft’s Inside Sales CRM provides a number of features to help with your success in B2B sales.