Write Your Sales Message Like a Zombie Show Script

Did you see the season 5 premiere episode of The Walking Dead last night? Wow! They didn’t pull any punches. They got right to the action. I was literally on the edge of my seat. It was intense. It was oddly gratifying. It was exactly what I wanted. It is the perfect analogy for a great sales message.

You may be asking yourself, “How is a post-apocalyptic zombie drama anything like a good sales call?” Stay with me . . . .
Last season, we saw a lot of build up and backstory culminating in the big finale. Frankly, it got a little irritating. Irritating in the same way reading a sales email or listening to a cold call that starts something like this:

Hi, Kevin. This is John Doe of the ABC Corporation. How are you doing today? (barely any pause for my answer) I’m calling to tell you about the line of exceptional widgets created by ABC Corporation. We are an award-winning developer of cutting edge widget technology . . . . blah blah blah blah blah.

That’s so boring! Catch my attention first with what’s in it for me, then give me the nitty-gritty details I may want to know about your company.

Put a little Walking Dead swagger in your upcoming sales email or cold calling script:

  • Bring the action – give them want they want or need to hear up front. Think benefits to the buyer.
  • Unravel the backstory at the right time. After you have their interest, then share the pertinent details the prospects need to hear.
  • Leave them with a cliffhanger. Last night’s episode – if you stuck around after commercials at the end – showed us a familiar face we first met during season one. What’s his story? I’ve got to know more. Similarly, your call should end with a cliffhanger call to action that advances the prospect toward a sale.

Keep the sales message focus on the audience, and your next sales call or email may be just as exciting as last night’s episode!

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