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In the ever-changing media market, the next big technology is always right around the corner. Keeping up with emerging technology and opportunities can be difficult in itself. Ensuring you communicate with potential customers to meet their changing needs requires an innovative approach. VanillaSoft’s sales engagement platform for media companies helps you optimize the sales process with an automated solution, making it easy to stay connected to your prospects.

Innovative Solutions for the Digital Age


Ensure that no opportunity slips through the cracks with VanillaSoft's automatic lead tracking feature


Capture call metrics and KPIs that inform your strategy going forward


Make more calls and close more sales with an automated process


No more tedious tasks like writing emails, hand dialing, or leaving individual voice messages

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Communications Case Study: Demystifying CRM

When an integrated marketing solutions provider needed a system to centralize their CRM processes that they were managing with Microsoft Access and Excel, VanillaSoft answered the call. See how they were able to optimize the sales process and simplify their operation in this case study.

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