Complete List of the Essential Social Selling Tools

Learn the different social selling tools, the benefits of each, and how you can leverage these tools to effectively coach your sales team.

The Ultimate Guide to Generating New Business: Starting a Conversation

This guide focuses on B2B strategies for effectively finding, engaging, and selling your product to other businesses. Learn how to turn leads into new business opportunities.

Ultimate Guide to Selling Medicare in 2020

Learn how to increase your sales for Medicare supplement insurance. Get Redbird’s ultimate guide to get a step-by-step process and learn what tools should be in your tech stack.

The SALT Group Doubles Productivity With Agile Sales Enablement

After switching to VanillasSoft, The SALT Group was able to double productivity in call centers, cut costs of appointments and generate more sales over five years. Learn more about how they did it with VanillaSoft.

VanillaSoft Named a Leader in the G2 Fall 2019 Report for Sales Engagement

VanillaSoft has been named a leader in the G2 Fall 2019 Report for Sales Engagement, beating competitors, SalesLoft and Outreach, in 14 of 17 categories.

OutBound Conference Welcomes VanillaSoft as Title Sponsor

In just its fourth year, OutBound has become known as the premier sales conference devoted 100% to outbound selling. This year, founders Anthony Iannarino, Jeb Blount, and Mark Hunter are pleased to welcome VanillaSoft as the title sponsor for OutBound 2020.  

VanillaSoft Named G2 Momentum Leader in Sales Performance Management

VanillaSoft, a leading sales engagement technology company, has been recognized as a top Momentum Leader on the G2 Grid for Sales Performance Management – leading all other vendors in terms of momentum.

Intent, Deeper Personalization & Authentic Content Benefitting From Buyer Insights, Intelligence

As buyers continue to expect more relevant, contextual engagement earlier on in the buying journey from vendors, B2B organizations are digging even deeper into buyer data to ensure they can meet expectations.

The Revolutionary Role of AI in B2B Marketing

Find out how companies like VanillaSoft are making it easier for inside sales teams to use an omnichannel approach to reach business buyers – and set up a cadence and process for efficient interactions.

Lead Management is Dead! Long Live Sales Engagement!

Darryl Praill shares his insights on why lead management is no longer the key to sales success and why sales engagement is the right approach to take in your sales strategy.