Auto Dialing in Two Great Flavors

More Calls + Fewer Mistakes = Increased Productivity

The VanillaSoft auto-dialing feature offers preview and progressive dialing, creating call continuity and increasing call activity by 35% to 100%. Purchase VanillaSoft VoIP phone lines or use with your legacy telephone system. This means you have the choice of one-stop shopping or you may use the investment you have in your current system.

VanillaSoft Dialing Benefits

  • Progressive Dialing

    This is our most popular type of auto dialing! With progressive dialing, as soon as the user dispositions a contact, the next-best record appears on the screen and the phone number is automatically dialed. This dramatically increases productivity and removes the "dead time" from the calling process.

  • Preview Dialing

    With preview dialing the user has the ability to look at the contact information before initiating the call, and simply click on the phone number when ready. This method is also called click-to-call.

Other Auto Dialing

  • Predictive Dialing and Pre-Recorded Message Dialers

    Auto Dialing SoftwareVanillaSoft does not offer any of the auto-dialing methods that dial out over more telephone lines than the number of users in your team. Predictive dialing puts little value on leads, and we believe that in addition to significant hang ups the response delay with predictive dialing (Hello, hello...) creates a negative atmosphere before the sales process even begins. Click here for a more detailed discussion on VanillaSoft's position on predictive dialing. Pre-recorded message dialers are becoming more heavily regulated due to negative public reaction, and VanillaSoft has chosen not to support this type of calling.

Telephone Devices and Systems That We Can Auto Dial

  • Analog Telephones

    Auto-dialing integration is easy with analog phones: simply connect the phone into the analog modem in the back of your computer, and connect the modem to the telephone jack in the wall. VanillaSoft uses a universal call control protocol to talk to the analog phone called Telephony Application Interface (TAPI). Perfect for callers at home.

  • Digital Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

    Many businesses use digital lines in their office that run off a digital switch or PBX. We support all major PBX brands, including Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, Toshiba, NEC, Altigen, and more. Most PBX's are TAPI compliant, but often a PBX reseller needs to enable this feature on the switch. A TAPI Service Provider (TSP) is installed on the caller's computer and your local reseller then configures the telephone switch so that it knows which desk phone to ring. Whenever VanillaSoft "tells" the switch to dial a number from a computer, the telephone switch does two things: it dials the number and then it connects that outbound line with the internet telephone extension. This is called a ring-back.

  • VoIP with Analog Converter Box

    Most VoIP with converter boxes follow essentially the same setup as regular analog phones. The only difference is that you plug the telephone wire in the Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) that your Internet Phone provider has sent you. For instance, you can use your regular analog phone with a providers like Vonage, Comcast and other cable or Fios companies.

  • Soft Phones

    VanillaSoft also supports soft phones, a software-based telephone that runs on your computer. With a USB headset you can make telephone calls without having a single telephone wire in your office and from any location as long as you have a PC and high-speed Internet connection. We support the following softphones: X-Lite 3.0, Eyebeam, Bria, Skype, and X-TAPI Lite/Pro. Most leading Internet Phone providers including ConnectMe Voice, Fonality, Ring Central, Nextiva, AT&T Callvantage, and Vonage Business (Vocalocity) support these softphones.

  • VoIP with IP Phones

    Another VoIP set-up is to use IP corded phones such as Polycom or Cisco phone devices with a regular VoIP provider. Again we support a host of providers including ConnectMe Voice, Fonality, Ring Central, Aptela, Vocalocity and resellers of Broad Voice.

  • Asterisk

    Asterisk, the open source PBX, is fully supported by VanillaSoft's auto-dialing. The most common way is to use an X-Lite soft phone, but we can also use TAPI-enabled components, including AstTAPI, to auto-dial.

Voice Drop

Leave the perfect message, with perfect wording and a perfect upbeat voice every time.

Drop your own, personalized pre-recorded message on voice mails and answering machines by using VanillaSoft’s Voice Drop feature.

With one click, you move to the next call while your message is being dropped.

Voice Drop simply increases contacts and quality of calls. In turn, your reps are relieved of tedious, repetitive tasks and are left free to do what they do best: talking with people about your products and services!

Now that is productivity. That is VanillaSoft!

Note: Voice Drop requires Lead Management Platform and VS VoIP accounts.


Auto Dialing Software

Let VanillaSoft be your VoIP Provider

While VanillaSoft's Progressive and Preview dialing may be utilized with your existing phone lines, you may choose to purchase VoIP services through VanillaSoft. We are the quick, cost effective solution. You may use with a hands-free softphone and USB headset or most IP desk phones such as Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Aastra and Panasonic.

Our VoIP lines include:

  • Texting (SMS) $$
  • One Click Pre-Recorded Voice Drop
  • DID Number with Area Code of Choice
  • Unlimited Minutes (US and Canada)
  • Includes VS Connect SoftPhone
  • CTI Screen Pops for Inbound Calls
  • Monitor and Eavesdrop
  • Follow-me Calling, Sends Calls to You Anywhere
  • Live Hot Transfer
  • Play Voicemails Online or Via Email
  • View & Print Call Reports
  • Caller ID of Choice
  • Conference Calling
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) Including "Chat"

          ... And many more features available

Auto Dialing Software

SmartCaller ID

With VanillaSoft's SmartCaller ID you are able to display a Caller ID with a local number that matches the area code of the contact being called! How Smart is that? Studies show that people are more likely to answer a call from an unknown caller if the number is from their local area.

SmartCaller ID Benefits:

  • Local identity in all your calling markets
  • Increase contact rates by 30%
  • Increase list penetration
  • More contacts = more sales

How SmartCaller ID Works:

  • Purchase pointer phone numbers in each area code of your market
  • Select a phone number for return calls
  • SmartCaller ID then identifies and matches the area code of who you are calling
  • A local number will appear on the phone you are calling


Note: Lead Management Platform and VS VoIP account is required.

Auto Dialing Software