Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Lead Management Software


Deliver Great Experiences

The hospitality, travel and tourism industries stay active year round, with the majority of business activity being done over the phone. Whether making calls to generate appointments, promote an event, or follow up on a visit, these industries count on the streamlined reliability and feature-rich software and services provided by VanillaSoft. Creating great customer experiences is crucial to competing and getting repeat business, as well as referrals.

VanillaSoft optimizes your call center operations with our best-in-class progressive dialing, email, and Voice Drop. There is little concern about your next call, since it’s already waiting in the queue. And if you miss a contact by phone, instantly leave a prerecorded, personal voice message or send an automated email. Whether making calls to generate appointments, promote an event, or follow up on a visit, VanillaSoft streamlines operations and helps your company reach out to customers and complete the journey.

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Supercharge Productivity for Different Teams

From Bora Bora to New Mexico, VanillaSoft offers a unique set of features for team-based selling that are perfect for list segmentation and multilevel sales processes. Your sales reps will increase productivity as you customize our software for specific market segments, demographics, and geographic areas, specifically matched to their skill set.

Call the best leads at the best time while working new customers up the pipeline.

  • Create multiple teams in different locations and move contacts automatically from one level to another
  • Design team-specific result codes for lead management and reporting
  • Customize scripts for teams to always stay on message
  • Track your leads by segment and lead status through your pipeline
Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Lead Management Software



Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Lead Management Software
Spotlight Features

Email Marketing Software

VanillaSoft features robust email marketing options. Now you can automatically send emails upon a Web inquiry or right after you finish a call, based on the result of the call.

Missed a contact? No problem. Use predetermined templates, or create your own personal email. In addition, VanillaSoft’s e-Gen will alert you after the email is opened and send the lead to the right place for follow up. Add our email drip and email blast and you'll have the complete package!

Auto Dialing Software

Give your sales rep a continuous supply of next-best leads, with no delay between calls. VanillaSoft's progressive auto dialing is a powerful addition to lead management. There's no waiting or choosing which lead to call. This feature dials the next designated lead in the queue after you choose a result for the current call. Your company can increase your call productivity from 35 - 100%.

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