3 Ways to Simplify Productivity for Your Sales Team

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Does your inside sales team spend too much time on redundant tasks and not enough time selling? Automation drives productivity by making the sales process easy, saving your sales team time, and creating greater efficiency. In turn, your team will have higher quality and consistent interactions with your prospects. Consistent, automated processes also ensure prospects are contacted at the right time with a consistent message to build trust, promote your brand, and ultimately increase sales.

Today there are many automation tools available to simplify the selling process while increasing productivity. Below are three crucial components needed for automation and quality interactions. Each one plays an important part to simplify production for your inside sales team.

Automated Dialing Systems

Automated call systems quickly produce a continuous stream of calls via the computer. Since the calls are automated, sales reps save time between calls by not having to worry about dialing each number. There two types of auto dialing software that automatically go to the next call after the current call ends: predictive and progressive dialing.

  • Progressive dialing supplies sales reps with a continuous supply of leads with queue-based routing. The next-best lead to call, as defined by management, is automatically routed in the queue, giving sales reps the most relevant leads first. This is perfect for web leads or leads that management classifies as hot.
  • Predictive dialing randomly calls several lines at one time per sales rep, waits for the prospect to answer, then connects a rep, hoping that the prospect didn’t hang up while waiting for a rep to speak. Predictive dialing involves the added pressure of adhering to FFC regulations for abandoned calls. Many leads are wasted while trying to find an available rep.

Of the two types of automated call systems, using next-best call logic, progressive dialing will enable sales reps to connect with the most important leads before the call. With predictive dialing, reps have little notice of who they are speaking with before being connected, and leads are chosen at random to present to the sales reps based on who answers the phone. Out of the two types of auto dialing systems, progressive dialing will enable sales reps to quickly connect with prospects.

Lead Management

An important factor in simplifying the production process is queue-based lead management. Managing leads is one of the most confusing areas for most inside sales teams. Efficiently and properly managing leads will help you increase sales, yet many important leads fall by the wayside and get lost in the system because inside sales teams do not have an efficient sales CRM system to keep track of them.

After you qualify leads and rate them, sales reps must work them through the pipeline. Queue-based lead management is the most efficient way to track and follow up on leads, from cradle to grave. In this system, managers take qualified sales leads and add them to an automated call queue based on next-best lead priority. This is perfect for web leads, or hot leads that need immediate attention in order to make the sale. It ensures that web leads, trigger leads, or purchased leads are routed to sales reps in order of importance. When a sales rep finishes a call and enters the call result, the next lead is presented immediately.

Queue-based platforms enable sales reps to nurture prospects and connect on a deeper level, as previous contact information, preapproved smart scripts, and emails can be tailored for each record based on result code triggers. Sale reps can easily communicate the perfect message to prospects at each stage of the sales cycle to increase sales.

Integrated Emails

Integrated emails enable your inside sales team to stay in front of your customers and prospects in between phone calls by integrating emails with your personal calls to educate, qualify leads, and build brand. You can quickly communicate via email with prospects and customers by using prebuilt email templates, automated email drips, and email campaigns. Sales reps can still personalize the emails, but the core messaging and attachments are created and preapproved by management, ensuring that the messaging is clear and consistent.

You can automatically send emails upon a web inquiry, or right after you finish a call based on the result of the call. In addition, an alert right after the email is opened will send the customer to the right place for follow up. Adding the ability to do integrated emails helps sales reps engage with customers, build brand, reduce workload, and save production time, since they can send an email with one click.

Simplify Productivity

In summary, automation drives productivity and makes the sales process easy. The three components of automation: progressive dialing, lead management, and integrated emails are vital for a successful inside sales environment. Each one becomes a powerful formula for a more productive selling environment to reduce redundancy and optimize each and every minute on the sales floor to engage with customers. When these three components are combined together, the results are remarkable!

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