Sales & Marketing Working as a Team

A lot has been written over the years about the great divide between sales and marketing.   One side often blames the other for the failure to generate more sales:  “Marketing isn’t sending qualified leads!” and “Sales isn’t following up on the leads we generate!”  It seems like a never-ending battle, but there is an answer – treat sales & marketing as a single, revenue generating team.

Technology has changed the way that marketing functions regarding awareness building and lead generation. With the advent of social media and other online marketing platforms, marketing is no longer a one-way, broadcast communication of brand messaging.  Marketing speaks with prospects before and after the sale in a much more engaging way than ever before – and in a much more highly trackable way.  With tools like VanillaSoft’s lead management software coupled with your favorite online analytics tools, you can begin to track:

  • Lead sources and what prompted a prospect to contact you;
  • The effectiveness of sales documents, email templates, and sales scripts used throughout the sales cycle;
  • The lead to customer conversion ratio that occurred from each marketing channel;

Sales & Marketing can begin using these analytics to create a more effective sales & marketing process to generate more leads and close more sales.  For example, you could track an Adwords Campaign to understand which ad variations are producing the most qualified leads.  Using VanillaSoft, you could then start tracking what sales actions moved the leads most effectively through to closed sales.  If sales & marketing team members review these analytics together, new learnings and communication strategies for every point in the sales cycle can be applied to improve lead quality and increase sales.

This idea goes beyond online ads – you can analyze which social media platforms and social campaigns bring the most qualified social leads.  And, from there you can follow that qualified lead through the VanillaSoft platform to understand what email drip, marketing documents, and call scripts are most likely to close leads from that source. This will bring more predictability to the sales process which will help the sales & marketing teams in their planning and forecasting processes.

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