VanillaSoft’s dynamic or “logical branch” scripting is more than just words on a page that a sales rep reads word-for-word. It is more than just talking points. Logical branch scripting will lead your sales rep through a conversation with a prospect, allowing them to adapt along the way.

Why Scripting is Important?

Stay on message & on track

  • No need to memorize scripts word-for-word.
  • Know where you are going and have the correct rebuttal for any objection.
  • Speak to the prospect’s need, missing no opportunity to convert.

Turn conversations into metrics

  • As the prospect responds, VanillaSoft can track the conversation as you go.

Focus on what works

  • Focus on what makes you successful. Sell your strengths and avoid any weaknesses. Counter any objection perfectly. No guess-work. No regrets about what you said or how you handled a call.
  • Focus on the right thing to say and when to say it to see more success and more conversions.

Types of Scripts You Can Build

Conversational Scripts

Great for onboarding new employees who are either not experienced in your products or in the sales process.

Summary Scripts

  • Display action items that show the rep the next step.
  • Display contact information and summary data in the script window, keeping it at your fingertips while you speak to your prospect.

Scripts Based on the Current State of the Prospect

  • Create scripts that are based on a different stage of the lifecycle of your contact record or based on a campaign.
    • For example: create a series of scripts that are based on the current value of the Lead Status of the prospect.

Track Your Responses

  • As the sales rep moves through the branches, the chosen responses can be tracked inside the contact demographics, qualifiers or other data elements, all with the click of the mouse. No need to type or record conversations. Just move through the branches and the responses will be tracked.

Unlimited Nesting Branches

  • Unlimited scripts, unlimited responses, unlimited branches.
  • You build your dynamic scripts for your needs.

sales call scripting

Refine your Branches for Success

Start reporting on not just the outcomes, but the conversation paths.

When they say aren’t interested and they are using competitor #2, what is the common response at that point?

  • What rebuttals are working?
  • What rebuttals aren’t working?
  • What objections of theirs indicate a final no?

Start building these questions into the application. Use them to drive and track your sales and success.

When you review the tracked responses, you will learn what works and what doesn’t work, and you can modify or rebuild your branches.

Get VanillaSoft Dynamic Scripting

VanillaSoft Dynamic Scripting gives your sales reps the power to improve conversations happening with prospects and leads. Your team will stay on message and easily respond to different situations that may arise during sales calls. Regardless of your team’s particular pain points, we’ve got you covered with a reliable, scalable solution that helps deliver amazing results. It’s time to take things to the next level, inquire to learn about how you can start using VanillaSoft VoIP today!