B2B Telemarketing: Make it Work for Your Brand

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Telemarketing. Something about that word makes people’s skin crawl. However, B2B telemarketing is a valuable option when it comes to high-quality lead generation, something that 28 percent of respondents pinned as their biggest challenge in a survey by GetApp.

Is your team having actual conversations with potential customers? Authentic human interaction can have a far greater impact than a digital correspondence such as a social media advertisement or a cookie-cutter, templated email.

Telemarketing can help your team generate qualified leads with business-to-business customers. Your reps just have to keep some points in mind when making those phone calls if you want to be successful.

If you’re exploring B2B telemarketing at your company for the first time or have hit a rocky spot, you’ll want to keep reading. Discover how to make B2B telemarketing work for your brand with our eight tips for success.

Apply These 8 B2B Telemarketing Tips for Success

B2B telemarketing is not an easy task. You can’t simply set up a call center, hire people, give them a phone, and expect results. These eight tips will help you lead your telemarketing team to success.

1. Set realistic goals for telemarketing campaigns.

Establishing tangible goals for your telemarketing campaigns allows you to measure progress and adds something for your salespeople to strive towards. Don’t forget to include deadlines for your goals. If you’re working with long-term goals, split them into smaller milestones to make them more manageable for you and your team.

2. Be quick and persistent with follow-up.

Don’t expect to get the results you’re looking for on the first attempt — or even the second, third, or fourth contact attempt for that matter. Reps must make an average of 5.7 contact attempts to reach a positive outcome with a lead; that is true even for leads who are a good fit.

You’ll also want to take into account that most leads won are contacted three to four times within the first four to five days of being a lead in the sales cycle. Formulate your sales cadence so that your reps reach out early and often.

3. Build and/or buy quality contact lists.

There are many ways to build lists. A few methods are to use LinkedIn, purchase lead databases, or create lists based on website visitors – a tracking software can identify your site visitors’ companies. On-page forms can help you collect interested prospect’s information. You can make inbound and outbound marketing work to your advantage.

Have your team update your lists as they make calls. You want to keep those lists updated and clean, right? If an individual is no longer in a specific role, note that information to ensure that someone else on your team doesn’t call them again with the wrong info.

When purchasing lists, make sure you’re buying them and not renting. When you rent a list, you cannot call the individuals after a set time if they haven’t purchased from your company. If you’re nurturing leads, you’ll “lose” those opportunities when the list rental expires.

Check that the list includes adequate demographic data for your sales team to identify ideal customers. Look for data points such as industry, number of employees, annual revenue, and decision maker roles.

4. Use sales scripts as a guide.

Even the best reps can benefit from a top-notch script. However, don’t expect your sales reps to read your B2B telemarketing scripts word for word. Consider scripts as more of a guide and give your team the flexibility to be natural and authentic in their sales conversations.

Consider these Top Tips for Scripts That Get Bigger Deals when you’re creating the sales scripts for your team. You may also want to think about adding a mention about a loyal and well-known client into the script. Referencing a brand leader that has similar pain points to your prospective buyers intensifies your company’s credibility.

5. Coach your team to improve their skills as B2B telemarketers.

Companies equipped with coaching programs achieve their sales objectives 9 percent more than those that do not. Here are a few ideas of where to focus your ongoing coaching attention:

  • Ensure your sales representatives know how to overcome common objections or delay tactics like, “send me more information,” or  “we’ve already got a solution.”
  • Present your team with ways to overcome cold call anxiety. This could be through role-playing or having a shadow on a live call.
  • Train them on how to leave voicemails that invite a step forward in the sales cycle, not necessarily a callback. Learn how to map out and develop your voicemail strategy in The Sales Voicemail Playbook for SDRs.
  • Provide your team with ongoing product training. As products evolve and new ones are added, it’s important for salespeople to be informed and trained so they can explain the features and values to prospects.

6. Integrate B2B telemarketing into your overall strategy.

As a business in today’s market, you’re likely using a variety of channels to connect with your prospective customers, i.e., social media, email, telephone, SMS messaging, etc. Instead of thinking about telemarketing as a separate piece of your business, incorporate it into your omnichannel approach. Use it to as another outlet to create a touchpoint with your prospects.

7. Analyze and adapt.

Identify what’s working, what’s not, and then make the necessary changes. A/B test your scripts to see what resonates with your prospects and look at segments to see what is generating the best leads. Continue with the practices producing the best leads and end the others.

8. Use the appropriate software.

A sales engagement platform like VanillaSoft enables your team to spend more time engaging with prospects and less time inputting data or searching for information. Keep them on the phone selling! Our queue-based lead routing technology has helped sales teams triple their contact attempts.

Are You Ready to Conquer B2B Telemarketing?

B2B telemarketing results can vary significantly due to industry, but your strategy and adherence to best practices like those above can have a positive impact. Expect a considerable effect on your B2B telemarketing results from applying these eight tips.

Do you have any other B2B telemarketing advice that works well for you? Please share it in the comments below!